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Answer to puzzle: You have two apples

This is the next level of Escape Room Entertainment.

We offer three exciting and action packed escape room experiences for you and your team to enjoy. Whether you bring co-workers, classmates, family or friends, we have an experience that can deliver an exciting afternoon or evening of entertainment. After this escape room experience, you will find yourself talking about it for days and leave you wanting to come back for more.


The Rosedale Hotel’s Story…

Welcome to the Rosedale Hotel!! As you may have heard, this hotel has quite a history. There is no denying we have some deep, dark secrets lurking behind these walls. Our hotel owner, Mr. Wolf, holds a suspicious connection to several women who have disappeared after being a guest at this hotel. It has been rumored that between his bootlegging, gambling, and race rigging, Mr. Wolf has been on the prowl for his long lost love, a woman that never truly loved him in return. Despite the fact that Mr. Wolf has been very successful in life with all his illegal activities, he has continued his search for his lost love. Mr. Wolf decided to build this hotel in hopes of luring young women through these lobby doors. In desperation to be with his love again, the deranged Mr. Wolf has been constructing, piece by piece, his own morbid puppet resembling her.

So, do you dare risk your life and book this hotel? Will you walk through THE LOBBY doors? Will you stay in THE HOTEL SUITE? Or will you be doomed in THE ELEVATOR? Mr. Wolf could be hiding behind any corner. Checking into this hotel is simple. Checking out, that’s the hard part!


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